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Make Money With Us

How To Earn Money

Whilst you can send bulk sms, you can also make money when you refer bulksmslive to your friends, family or colleagues and others. After signing up for bulk sms (http://www.bulksmslive/signup) a unique referral link was created for you. You can go to your “Profile Summary” after logging in or simply click Refer a friend and you will find your referral link in your profile which looks like this http://bulksmslive/signup?ref=1234 Once you send your referral link to your contact and the person recharges, you will get extra units, which will be updated on your Profile Summary (http://bulksmslive/profile-summary)

How Do I Convert These Extra Units To Cash?

You can transfer your units or share units with any bulksmslive account user and get cash from the person.

How Do I Get People To Use My Referral Link?

To get more people to use your referral link and get commission (in units) when they recharge their accounts, copy your link here and share on social media. Regularly post on your facebook timeline about bulk sms and add your referral link. On twitter and Instagram BIOs you can also add your link there and ask your friends to sign up and send bulk sms. Another way to earn more is to target the right people that are interested and going to use the bulk sms service right away. You can target church admins, business owners, school owners and the likes. You can sign up for them from your referral link and ensure they recharge their bulk sms account. If you need any further assistance on how to earn money from bulk sms, simply mail [email protected]